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Marvel Universe V/s DC Universe. Which One Is Better?

I think we all understand how tough a choice this is. Both Marvel Universe & DC Universe have given us some incredible movies over the last decade. From the Iron Mar v/s Captain America Rivalry to hulk's heroics in the avengers series to last instalment of batman series which probably had the best villain performance by Heath Ledger and some brilliant direction from Christopher Nolan. 

The choice is a tough one. Both have their fair share of ups and downs. So, we decided to bring some public opinion and got some popular answers on the debate from Quora. 

As is quite evident, the debate shall have no possible end. It's a choice as tough as choosing who is a better batsmen between Sachin & Virat. The debate may never settle, but you can always get some of your favorite superhero merchandise on Cyankart. 

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