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Hoodies Vs Sweaters - What Do Your Prefer?

Every year when the temperature drops and fall begins, everyone needs something to keep them warm. The question is: sweaters or hoodies?

The sweater is a famous piece of clothing that almost everyone knows about. The beginnings of the sweater date back to the mid-1800’s but became very popular in the 17th century with the French. Fishermen wore them on the cold seas, and they used to make them out of heavier materials such as wool. Sweaters can actually be made out of any material, but if you want to use it to add warmth you should choose from the most traditional materials such as wool or cotton.

So if the sweater is such a classic then why have a lot of people stopped wearing them? The answer is hoodies. Basically, a hoodie is like a sweater with a hood. Hoodies were first created in the 1930’s by a champion sportswear company that created the first hoodies for laborers in the frozen warehouses of upstate New York. Hoodies were also developed for track teams, football teams, and coaches who have to be outside in a lot of cold weather. After this, hoodies became a big item and served as a way for colleges and high schools to promote themselves. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a cold winter or fall without one.

In recent years, sweaters have been going out of style and are being replaced with hoodies. Several students were asked whether they prefer sweater or hoodie, and they all said they prefer a hoodie over a sweater.

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