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Here's How "How I Met Your Mother" Should Have Ended


For a lot of how I met your mother fans, the ending was a real shock. Some say, barney and robin divorcing each other and barney having a daughter is almost like a full circle for him. And that ted and robin had a real connection from the very beginning and seeing those two together in the end made it perfect for them. 

While there's no denying that ted indeed had very strong feelings for Robin, Barney and Robin had this very intense chemistry that was very hard to replicate. Perhaps, that was because robin was the only women in barney's complicated life that fit in and made perfect sense. 

Here's how we see it: Yes, the above video would have been the perfect ending. There could have been an extra video that could have come out about 3-4 years later showing how robin got pregnant 20 years after her marriage through a miracle but passed away while giving birth to the baby. Barney could have the same relationship and scene with the baby as per the original ending. 

Ted & tracy went on to have a beautiful life and so did marshall & lily. Every character gets the perfect justice except robin maybe but viewers do get to see the 20 years of her and barney's marriage in fast-forward. 

What do you think about our ending? Do let us know in the comments below! 

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