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With season 6 ending with such a bang, it's only been a few days since we finished watching the electrifying Winds of Winter & we're suffering a severe case of GOT withdrawal. With season 7 trailer just being aired, here are a few speculations that are going viral. 

Jon snow

We all know that Jon snow is not his real name and he is not a stark . There are various theories revolving around that. Is it true that R+L=J? Where R stands for either Rhaeger or for Robert Baratheon. Others believe that Jon is a still secret Targaryen, but that it’s not Rhaegar: it’s Aerys II Targaryen, Rhaegar’s father who’s better known as the Mad King. Or maybe Jon is full-on Stark: a product of incest between Lyanna and Ned. Well, we all have to wait for that truth to be disclosed

Arya Stark

Having Arya miraculously survive the severe stab wounds, murder the Waif, and declare to the Faceless Man she was Arya Stark, not no one, has only kicked speculations into a higher gear. It is being said that the faceless men never intended for Arya to truly become one of them. Instead, their aim was to train her only to get back to Westeros to act as their agent there. Also, that Arya never survived the wounds and waif succeeded in killing her. With Arya killing Frey, who murdered her mother and brother, is she going to kill Cersei next?

Cersei Lannister

With Cersei burning king's landing to the ground and her son Tommen committing suicide, will she finally be the queen sitting on the Iron Throne?. The spoilers are that she is going to make a cruel, chaotic and crazy-as-hell ruler. Forget Aerys II: we reckon Cersei could give the Mad King a run for his money any day. Her chances of being murdered are also very high,rumour has it that it’s going to be through Arya or Jamie.

Mother of Dragons

With Daenerys leaving for Westeros with her dragons, army, and a fleet of ships, speculation says to execute wedding plans would mean death for the mother of dragons. Another popular theory is that she wins the throne and falls in love with Jon snow only to find out later that they are blood-related.

Well, one thing is for sure that season 7, which is expected to release next summer is going to be the most exciting season with soo many mysteries being unlocked.

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