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9 Reasons Why Harry Potter's World Is Better Than Real Life

An idea that popped into a young woman’s mind while on a train to London 25 years ago, ‘Harry Potter’ has gone on to become one of the world’s most loved fiction series. After all, what is there not to love about Harry’s enchanted and enticing world! Spells, magic potions, curious creatures, invisibility cloaks- it has everything we could ever dream of having, and more. We, for one, have constantly hoped that our letter from Hogwarts comes soon, and we can be on board the Hogwarts Express towards wonderland! Here are reasons why we feel Harry’s world is super cool!

1.Travel like a boss

We highly doubt wizards even know what the term ‘traffic’ means. Who wants to worry about petty things in life like getting stuck in a 40 minute jam on the way to work when you can simply apparate from one place to another? Easy peasy, poof!

2. Invisibility

All of us, certain times in life, want to be somewhere without actually being seen. Life would become so much easier if could just slip on that invisibility cloak and set off on adventures! Or just put a disillusionment charm and wander off into the night to conquer the world (what we really mean is sneak into a fancy club). Sadly, we muggles don’t get to do that in our world.

3. Extendable charm? Hell yeah!

8 out of 10 girls would most definitely want to put this charm on their bags. Everyone knows that a girl carries her entire universe in her bag. An undetectable extension charm would make it a whole lot easier to put make up, clothes, shoes, closet and the moon all into one place and carry it around in that tiny purse like a boss. Party ready, always!

4. Tents? More like, apartments.

None of can ever forget the little tent from the fourth and seventh books which was, well, more like an apartment complete with bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens et al. Going on a vacation would become easy as a breeze!

5. Unicorns!

We can all agree that a number of amazing brilliantly interesting beasts exist in the wizarding world. Hippogriffs, centaurs, leprechauns, thestrals, pixies, and of course, pygmy puffs! Care of magical creatures would most definitely be our favorite subject at Hogwarts.

6. Transfiguration is the way to go!

Everyone has days when they wish they could be anything except humans. What fun would be to laze around as a pet dog, fly through the skies like a dove, or just explore the oceans as a dolphin! Transfiguration sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

7. Muffilato

We all have certain conversations we don’t want people around us to hear- in the office, at bars, in the train. If a spell like Muffliato existed in the real world, eavesdropping would become a problem of the past!

8. Paradise for gadget freaks

Yes, technology has come very far in the muggle world, all with fancy phones, cameras and computers. But we can all agree that magical instruments of the wizarding world would always be fancier! Rememberalls, deluminators, marauder’s map, foe glass, broomsticks, deathly hallows and what not! Every single instrument makes us more curious than the other.

9. Real time retrospection.

We can all agree that Dumbledore’s pensieve is an object we would love to own. Relieving memories to the next level!

Every page of every book from the Harry Potter series makes us want to be a part of Harry’s magical and amazing world. We’re still hoping our Hogwarts letter is on its way. Fingers crossed!

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