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6 Things Every Gym Rat Feels

When you think of gym time, you immediately get pumped up! You suddenly have the energy of a lion! We bring to you six reasons why we love going to the gym.

1. Gym time becomes a core activity of your day. It maintains a routine in your life, which is awesome! Get more organised! 



2. The gym is one place we can zone out, shut out the whole world and focus.

3. We need to build our body right, get ripped or shred down.

 4. Let's face it, it does make us feel more macho. Lifting, running, bench presses! Makes us feel like the Hulk.

 5. We understand that we can't really get angry all the stupid people in the world, for that, our gym is our punching bag. Plus, there could be an actual punching bag there too! It helps us calm down and so that we don't go on a killing streak.

 6. After working out like crazy, we don't feel guilty about indulging in some junk food. This is probably the best part.


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