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Minions: 8 Reasons Why We Love Them

Eight things that make you a Minion lover
Let's get it out in the open, we are pro minion! The people who think minions are annoying, even a teeny tiny bit, buzz off!
Here are eight things you will relate to if you love love love Minions.
1. When you first saw a minion, you couldn't believe that something could be THIS cute. They're so yellow and tiny!

2. Everything about them is hilarious. Always.
3. You are either called a minion or you call your favorite person a minion!
4. Whenever you see any minion merchandise, you Period.
5. You know you went to McDonald's to check out the Minion toys and definitely even bought yourself a couple Happy meals. Don't deny it! Own up to it.
7. You get super excited whenever you watch the Despicable me series or the Minions movie!!
8. You sing along to the minion songs and did a couple of dubsmash videos too!

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