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7 Things Only a NUTELLA Addict Will Understand!

Okay, I know even the mention of Nutella makes you drool and fantasise about sandwiches loaded with it. But here are eight things that separates sanity from a Nutella addict!


1. You always strangely find yourself standing in the Nutella aisle at the supermarket. You have absolutely no idea how you got there!

2. You always end up licking the chocolate off the plastic covering and are not embarrassed about it!

3. If you get Nutella on your  hands while making a sandwich, you ALWAYS lick it off. You never just wash it off! That is just plain offensive. 
4. You treat it like it's your precioussss... 
5. Nutella literally tastes good with everything! That's just magic! 
6. The thought of Nutella sandwiches make you happy.  
7. You do not need anything other than a spoon! no strings attached!


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