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5 Reason Why Ross Geller Is The Worst Character On Friends

Ross and Rachel are still considered to be one of the most romantic small screen couples. The general consensus is - sure, they had their ups and downs, but overall they're perfect.

But if we look closer, we can easily see that Ross has many issues that are neither cute, nor romantic. So many issues in fact, that he can easily be deemed as the worst male character in TV history.

1. He is very whiny

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He is always unhappy. He thinks the world is out there to get him. He is just so sad, so hurt all the time. Oh, woe is me!

For the record, we'd like to remind you he's a grown up man, not a child.

2. He is a toxic nerd that shames others for not willing to be toxic nerds

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Sure, dinosaurs are cool, but not knowing about them is no valid reason to pick on others. Being a nerd is amazing, but adding the toxic element of hate is not. Ross tends to forget that having thorough knowledge about something other than palaeontology can be cool, too. We all know the rest of the gang is very talented and smart. Even Joey, in his own, innocent way is a genius.

But Ross doesn’t get that. He likes to put down his friends for not being interested in science. What is wrong with you, Geller? Grow up.

3. He is sexist

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Remember that time, when he got mad at Rachel because she hired a male nanny? “That’s like a woman being a…” - luckily he doesn’t finish the sentence, but we can assume what he was going to say next: a coal miner; a truck driver; a builder. Whatever stereotypically male job you can think of.

This attitude resurfaces later on when Ross gets super upset about Ben wanting to play with dolls and his ex-wife Carol letting him. Yet again, he perpetuates gender stereotypes and conformity.

Just imagine being so insecure in your own gender to do such a series of stupid things…

4. He is also quite homophobic

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If sexist wasn’t enough, Ross’s attitude towards the LGBT+ community leaves also a lot of room for improvement, too. Ross, on numerous occasions, points out that Carol left him FOR A WOMAN. Oh, how big of a failure it must be - to be dumped for someone WEAKER and LESS SUPERIOR than a man! The fact he doesn’t see himself as part of the reason why Carol left is quite ridiculous. She makes it perfectly clear it wasn't about her sexuality alone.

On top of that, in conversation with his ex-wife and her partner, he always belittles the importance of their newly-found relationship, as if it’s not valid, real enough.

For example, when Carol, Susan, and Ross are in the clinic for a pregnancy check up, he snaps back at Susan saying it is not her baby, really, and that she can’t be the mother of the child. He later refers to the argument he uses against Susan as his ‘sperm card,’ directly implying he’s more valuable in this situation. Ah, Ross, your heteronormativity is showing...

5. He has anger management issues

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Sure, we all remember the sandwich incident that got Ross suspended from work for. And although written in for comedic reasons, the actual outbreak tells us much more about what kind of person Ross is - impulsive and aggressive.

He often tends to break out into a screaming fit, in this weird, screechy voice of his - mainly when he doesn’t get what he wants. He seems to be unable to talk normally to make his point. If he isn’t screaming, he is not feeling in charge. How sad.


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