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7 Reasons Why Arya Stark Is The Most Awesome Character On The Show

1. She prefers a sword to needlework.


Picture Credits: Tumblr

When he gave her Needle, Jon Snow said its name comes from her least favorite activity, needlework.


2. She kills bad guys like a pro.

Picture Credits: Youtube


“Fine little blade…Maybe I’ll pick my teeth with it.”

3. After hearing that her horrible aunt died, she laughed.

Picture Credits: Youtube


I would laugh too.

4. She and the Hound made one bad-ass duo.

Picture Credits: Dorkly


They deserve a spin-off. From before she left him to die of course.

5. She’s got a hit list.

Picture Credits: Pinterest


All bad-asses have hit lists, and Arya is no exception.

6. She named her Direwolf after a warrior queen.

Picture Credits: Pandawhale


Nymeria was a Princess of the Rhoynar. After the Rhoyne was conquered by Valyria, Nymeria led the Rhoynar to Dorne, where she took Lord Mors Martell as her husband.

7. She ain’t no lady.

Picture Credits: Bustle


She’s a strong, independent, young woman who don’t need no man.

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