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Top 10 Reasons to watch Deadpool if you still haven’t

Deadpool is without a doubt one of the best superhero movies of the 21st Century. After giving us the disaster that Green Lantern was, Ryan Reynolds seem to be making all amends with his latest movie, Deadpool. So here are 10 reasons for you to watch Deadpool if you still haven’t.

  1. Hard R Action: The deadpool action was so violent, the movie got banned in China. For all the responsible parents out there, this is not the movie to take your kid along. For all you irresponsible parents, go right ahead. Your kids will love it.

  2. Twisted Humor: As the trailer shows us, this movie is one of the most “offensive” movie ever with Lines like, “You look like Freddy Krueger just topographical map of Utah.”
  3. They have been working on this movie for a long time: Ryan Reynolds was first asked to play Deadpool in 2004 shortly after starring as that other mom character in Blade Trinity but let’s not talk about that. Since then, Reynolds has been determined to deliver the deadpool that will satisfy the masses.
  4. Deadpool takes place in the same universe as X-men: This includes their first X-men Origins film involving Wolverine but let’s not talk about that either. This movie will include new X-men characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead and the new X-men villain Angel Dust.
  5. No Fourth Wall: This movie doesn’t just break the fourth wall, it demolishes it. Deadpool will address the audience directly & probably make fun of other superhero movies as we see in the first trainer. Deadpool not so subtly makes fun of Reynolds other superhero flop Green Lantern. Let’s just pretend Ryan Reynolds didn’t do any other superhero movies.
  6. Colossus: One of the most powerful meetings from the previous X-men films is back. It’s the same character as before, but a new actor & a buffer look that’s a little closer to the Colossus from the comics.

  7. Ryan Reynolds’ Butt: We are not going to give you any information here, just go watch the movie.

  8. Follows the Comics: It’s faithful to the comics. At Comic Con, Ryan Reynolds told Hall H that it’s the most faitful adaptation of a comic book to a movie that he’s ever seen. The Deadpool is so confident that they got this right, they tweeted a page from the script along with written notes by Deadpool that we probably shouldn’t show you.
  9. The perfect date movie: Well, not really. But that’s what some people would think if they see the trick billboards promoting Deadpool as a Rom-Com. Funnily enough, Deadpool opened on Valentine’s day weekend. So for all you that ended up making this the perefect date movie, rest in peace!

  10. Stan lee Cameo: X-men Co-Creater Stan lee is making another marvel cameo in this film & we won’t tell you what the cameo is, but it’s cameo. Like, we really want to but we just can’t tell you. 

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