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8 Times Breaking Bad Completely Blew Us Over With Their Surprises

Prepare to love this show even more than you already did.

1. The time Vince Gilligan tried his best to let us know what the reveal at the end of Season 2 would be.

The first, fourth, 10th and 13th episodes of Season 2 all have black and white teaser intros. When you combine the titles of these four episodes you get Seven Thirty-Seven / Down / Over / ABQ. Guess we should have seen that plane crash coming.

2. When Jesse predicts how the whole thing will end in Season 2. Sort of.

In the iconic Season 2 episode “4 Days Out,” Jesse asks if they’re going to build a robot to save them — in the final episode, “Felina,” that’s pretty much what happens.

3. The coordinates of the spot that Walt buries the money are actually those of Q Studios in Albuquerque, N.M., where the show was filmed.

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