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7 Amazing facts you didn’t know about BBT

The Big Bang Theory remains one of the world's most popular TV shows. Fans can't get enough of Penny and her gang of geeky pals. Here’s a list of few interesting facts from the long-running show, BBT.

  1. We still don't know Penny's surname

Unlike the other characters, Penny is the only one whose surname has never been revealed. Reports claim that Kaley Cuoco Sweeting prefers to keep this a mystery throughout the whole series. Co-creator Bill Prady has said that the name will be revealed eventually, but producer Steve Molaro has said the opposite, so who knows. Unless of course her name is Penny Penny Penny, and Sheldon's knocks make more sense.

  1. There's a real bee named after Sheldon's catchphrase

In 2012, biologists discovered a new bee species in Brazil and named it the euglossa bazinga after Sheldon's favorite word. The name was chosen in honor of the fictional scientist, with André Nemésio of the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia saying at the time: "Sheldon Cooper's favorite comic word 'bazinga', used by him when tricking somebody, was here chosen to represent the character. Euglossa bazinga has tricked us for some time due to its similarity to E ignita, what led us to use 'bazinga'." Funnily enough, Sheldon is actually allergic to bees, so he might not be able to meet his new friend.

  1. A grapefruit helped create the word 'Bazinga'

Sheldon's favorite word 'bazinga' was first uttered in the season two finale, but it was created with the help of a silly prank. Writer Stephen Engel used the word to say 'gotcha' in a recurring backstage gag involving an old grapefruit in the writers' room. As the word kept getting used, it eventually made its way to the actual script shortly before filming the finale. "I'd open it up and Stephen would say, 'bazinga,'" said producer Bill Prady recalled. "It was Stephen's word for 'gotcha'."

  1. Howard has only female toys

Out of all the gang, Howard would probably be the last to be considered a feminist, but his toy collection might say otherwise. Or maybe he's just really pervy. His large collections of sci-fi and fantasy figurines are made entirely of female characters. His room includes models of Batgirl, Cheetah, Wonder man, and his only male toy seems to be Jabba the Hutt - but even that features Princess Leia beside him.

  1. Sheldon's shirts sometimes convey his mood

If you're a big Green Lantern fan you probably already knew this, but for the rest of us, this is pretty cool. Sheldon often wears different colored shirts bearing the Lantern's logo, but each shirt also has a different emotion attached to it in the comic world. Red stands for rage, blue is hope, indigo is passion etc. Whenever Sheldon is wearing one of these shirts, the chances are his emotion is going to be represented by the color.

  1. Nearly everyone has seen Penny naked

Despite being the first to flirt with her, Howard is the only one of the male characters not to see Penny naked at some time or another. Leonard has obviously seen her naked many times, while Raj had a one-night-sort-of-stand and Sheldon helped Penny to the hospital after she fell in the shower.

  1. The characters spoke about Mayim Bialik before she was on the show

Back in the first season, Raj, Leonard and Howard think of people to replace Sheldon on their physics team. Raj suggests the actress Mayim Bialik, saying: "You know who's apparently very smart, is the girl who played TV's Blossom. She got a PhD in neuroscience or something." Two seasons later, Bialik joined the show as Amy. Meanwhile, one of Johnny Galecki's first roles was in Blossom as Bialik's love interest who takes her to a "make-out party". He also starred opposite Sara Gilbert (Leslie) and Laurie Metcalf (Sheldon's mother) in Roseanne.

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