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10 Weirdest Secrets About the Cast of Friends- Part 2

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  1. Matt Leblanc once got cozy with a stripper:

    In a surprise twist of events, leblanc actually admitted during an interview in 2005 that he had interacted with a “sexually aggressive” stripper while on a motorcycle road trip with five of his friends in Canada. He told the National Inquirer: “The stripper was all over me. I was drinking, and she was crossing the line… When I realized the situation that was unfolding I felt I was being careless and irresponsible, and I realized that I had to get hell out of there.” Pretty sure that’s been said by every guy in a relationship after getting a strip joint lap dance. 
  1. Courtney Cox Mysteriously Stopped Production of Cougar Town:

    In November 2009, Courtney Cox unexpectedly halted production of her hit ABC Sitcom, Cougar Town, due to what her reps described at the time as a “private family matter.” The production hiatus lasted about a week To this day, the actual family matter was never actually revealed, which is pretty strange.
  1. Courtney Cox’s Divorce from David Arquette was kind of weird:

    Courtney Cox and David Arquette, who met on the sets of 1996 slasher movie Scream, announced that they were separating after 11 years of marriage in 2010. Oddly enough, the couple didn’t go through with the filing of the divorce for another two and a half years and committed to raising their only daughter, Coco. That relationship might explain the delay. Cox told More magazine in 2014: “In divorce, you always have regret. We were married for a long time, so it’s not like we didn’t try.” A happy divorce. Who knew that was still possible in Hollywood?
  1. Lisa Kudrow got sued by her Ex-Manager:

    In 2014, a jury found Lisa Kudrow in breach of contract after a lengthy legal dispute with her former manager, Scott Howard. He claimed Kudrow owed him residuals from when he still managed her- you know, from all those reruns of friends. He first filed the suit in 2008, and after six miserable years, the jury ultimately ruled in Howard’s favor. As a result, Kudrow had to fork over 1.6Million$. To be fair, that was only a little more than what she made for a single episode of friends in 2004. But, still. Ouch.

  2. David Schwimmer pissed off his NYC neighbours:

    Like Ross geller himself, david schwimmer’s personal life is- how do we put this lightly?- kind of boring. However, He did wind up upsetting a whole bunch of his neighbors when he decided to demolish a preserved 1852 townhouse and build a new one completely from scratch. His neighbours eventually got so annoyed with the construction that someone actually went and spray-painted the words “Ross is not cool” on a nearby fence. Harsh, but also something all fans of friends have been saying for decades.

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