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5 Reasons To Love Deadpool

In the plethora of superheroes we have in life, it’s always fun to see an underdog trying his best to be a part the cool gang of superheroes. And now the underdog of Marvel comics- Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, finally has his own movie franchise! We loved Deadpool the movie and absolutely can’t wait for the sequel to come. Here are reasons why we think Deadpool is the best anti-hero ever:

1: Mystery Of His Origin

Most superheroes have a back-story about how they became what they are. But the mystery that comes with Deadpool about his origin just leaves us curious and enticed. Every time he comes close to discovering who he really is, a new revelation is made which just leaves him back in square one and us curious as ever.


2: Healing Powers

Despite being an utter mess, Deadpool has been gifted with the power to heal almost any kind of injury. We would think that power is a definite plus, but it’s really not, as not only did it accelerate the growth of cancerous tumors all over his body, but also messed with his brain cells, leaving his unbalanced. But despite these, Deadpool never lets his disabilities get the best of him, and we love that about him.

3: Witty

Everyone loves a smart ass, and Deadpool is one of smartest people we know. He’s always ready with his one liner, deep sarcasm and witty comebacks. He’s funny and he’s strong, what else would the audience ever want?

4: He Bears Losses

It hardly ever happens that a superhero ends up losing a fight, but Deadpool is a breath of fresh circumstances, where he ends up losing quite often- he has lost friends, fights, sanity. It definitely makes us sympathize more with him.

5: He’s Good At Heart

Even after everything that happens in his life, Deadpool does not let that stop him from being the man with a heart of gold. He’s always there to sympathize with people, and after all, isn’t that all that matters?


We’re sure there are a lot of other reasons why Deadpool is completely loveable, even with all the physical alterations that he has suffered. Deadpool 2, we’re waiting for you!

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