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6 Reasons Why We Love Game Of Thrones

There are 3 words in life which give everyone goose bumps- Game of Thrones. It is a show which has people gripping onto their seats all over the world. The drama, the suspense, the action- there’s nothing about GOT which isn’t loved. We’re sure every GOT fan has reason why it is their favorite show ever. Here is why we can’t ever get enough of this brilliant show:

1. Politics

You may love it, you may hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Politics is a topic everyone loves discussing, in real life as well as fantasy. The politics involved in GOT, as every character lie, cheat and kill their way to power is enthralling. Just when we think we know what is going to happen in the next episode, there is a dramatic turn of events which just leaves us biting our nail.


2. The landscapes

Every single person loves scenic beauty; there are no two ways about it. The makers of GOT have done an impeccable job in choosing the most serene locations from all over Europe, making the viewers want to leave everything behind and run away to these locations.


3. Mythical creatures and animals

Who doesn’t want to keep a dragon as a pet? We sure do! Sadly, in real life we haven’t been able to do so yet. GOT, however, fulfills our desire of looking at beautiful and mysterious animals and creatures, leaving us fascinated as ever.

4. Beauty

No one can ever get enough of looking at gorgeous people, and GOT makes sure that you keep lusting over their characters. From Daenerys Targaryen to Jon Snow, there’s just too much good looks packed into one show.


5. Action

While it makes a lot of people cringe, the action in GOT is what keeps eyes glued to the TV screen. It sure does gross us out when they push it too far, but it keeps our heart racing and leaves us with a lingering empathy for the characters.


6. Complexity

Everyone likes something that challenges their brain, and GOT does just that. In every episode, a new character, a new territory, a new theory is reveled, changing the plot every moment of the way.


We just can’t wait for April to come, and Game of Thrones to turn our life around. Get your popcorn tub ready and bed comfortable, binge watching is coming!

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