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If The First Star Wars Came out Today

There are two types of people in this world – fans of star wars and people who haven’t seen star wars. For the former, Force Awakens was a refreshing walk down memory lane with a large chunk of the cast reprising their pivotal roles in this long-awaited sequel.

Like many other star wars fans, in our minds we had too, chosen actors of our age to play these iconic names. Here are our picks:

Han Solo – Bradley Cooper
When it comes to dealing with hairy side-kicks, Bradley Cooper knows how it feels, playing one himself in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Add some manly charm and brilliant comedic timing and you have the perfect modern day Han Solo.


Luke Skywalker – Eddie Redmayne

Those green eyes. That magnificent jawline.  Need we say more?


Princess Leia – Isla Fisher

Princess Leia’s gold bikini. Isla Fisher in it. Let your mind wander.



Darth Vader – Tom Hardy 

Hardy’s racked up some serious brownie points on his Resume by playing one of Batman’s toughest enemies. So this comes as a no-brainer.


Yoda – Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman plays a pretty badass Yoda in real-life too, if asked we were.


C3PO – Siri

Ask Siri to call you Master Luke for a day. You’ll know why.


Chewbacca – Benedict Cumberbatch
Grrraaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr. (Here's why)


Jar Jar Binks – Kevin Hart
Jar Jar Binks in Ride Along with Ice Cube. I’d watch that.


Obi Wan Kenobi – Colin Firth

When it comes to imparting Jedi wisdom, you can see Colin Firth doing it right. 



Qui Gon Jin - Liam Neeson

We know we know, he’s the original Qui Gon Jin. But does anyone doubt his ability to pull this role of even now? 

‘I will look for you. I WILL find you. And I will kill you Darth Moul.’Enough Said.



Emperor - Rowan Atkinson

An actor with the repertoire of Mr Atkinson can pull off anything.



Anakin Skywalker - Dylan O’Brien

Those dashing good looks could take anyone to the dark side. 


Princess Padme - Shailene Woodley

Who else to rule over Naboo?

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