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10 Things You Missed Out On In The Minions' Movie Series

They’re stupid. They’re childish. But more importantly, they’re helpful, loyal, and resilient. And their undying enthusiasm, like that of a little child, makes these minuscule brats even more adorable!

1. The one-eyed minions are shorter in height. 

PC: Animationsource

2. Minionese combines French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Russian.

PC: Axka

3. They have a personality very similar to Raving Rabbids from the Rabbids game series.

PC: imgur

4. Evil minions were purposefully made purple. In the colour wheel, it lies opposite to yellow.

PC: ilovehdwallpapers

5. While there are 10,400 minions, they can be distinguished by only about 48 combinations. This includes all combinations - the hairstyles, glasses, the height etc.

PC: ndstatic

6. Minions can double up as glow sticks in the dark.

PC: Youtube

7. Every minion who plays a significant role in the films has a male name.

PC: Pinterest

8. For some odd reason, minions love spitting.

PC: Youtube

9. It is still unknown if minions have a sex and how they reproduce.

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