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October 17, 2016

Big Bang Theory: Best Episodes So Far

When The Big Bang Theory first premiered in 2007, no one knew it would become the massive phenomenon that it is today. Nine seasons later, the CBS series remains one of the most popular and widely watched sitcoms on TV. With the ninth season now concluded, we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite episodes from the show’s run so far. While there are obviously a lot to choose from, these 12 episodes (listed in chronological order) are some of the biggest standouts, highlighting the best of Sheldon, Penny, Leonard and the rest of the gang.

1. “The Middle Earth Paradigm”
Season 1, Episode 6

The guys attend a Halloween party at Penny’s apartment dressed in exactly the kind of nerdy costumes you’d expect: Sheldon as the Doppler Effect, Leonard as Frodo, Raj as Thor, and Howard as Robin Hood. Needless to say, they don’t exactly fit in with Penny’s friends, making for a series of hysterically awkward encounters. By the end of the night, Leonard and Penny have shared their first kiss and Raj wakes up in bed with a random girl. The episode is the perfect showcase of what The Big Bang Theory is about, at least in early seasons: four nerdy guys trying desperately to fit in and sometimes, against all odds, actually succeeding.

2. “The Barbarian Sublimation”
Season 2, Episode 3

In this episode, Sheldon gets Penny hooked to the world of gaming by introducing her to the PC game, “Age of Conan.” Penny, sick of getting nowhere in her personal and professional life, quickly becomes addicted, forgoing hygiene and work to spend days playing, eating Cheetos, and bugging Sheldon for ways to get to the next level. It’s one of the best early examples of the funny and unexpectedly warm relationship between Sheldon and Penny (aka”Shenny”). Plus, Penny realizing that she has to snap out of it while talking to Howard makes for a hilarious moment.

3. “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”
Season 2, Episode 11

It’s Christmas time and after finding out that Penny has gotten him a gift, Sheldon finds himself forced to reciprocate the gesture. Without knowing exactly how much she’s spent on him, he can’t make up his mind and ends up buying a bunch of gift baskets to cover his bases. When it comes time to actually exchange gifts, Penny presents him with something beyond his wildest dreams: a napkin used and signed by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. Cue a hilarious Sheldon-sized freakout that results in the rarest of occurrences: a hug from Sheldon to Penny. 

4. “The Einstein Approximation”
Season 3, Episode 14

In this episode, Sheldon is once again grappling with a puzzle he can’t solve – specifically, a physics problem about electron behavior. After enduring sleepless nights and going to all kinds of crazy lengths to try to find an answer, he decides he needs to take on a menial job that will allow him to free up his mind. He ends up masquerading as a waiter at the Cheesecake Factory where Penny works, where he finally gets his answer. 

But the true highlight of the episode? When Leonard gets a call in the middle of the night that he has to pick Sheldon up at a local mall, where he is using the plastic balls in a children’s ball pit to build carbon atoms. As Leonard desperately tries to get him out of the pit so they can go home, Sheldon keeps diving in and popping out of the balls, shouting “Bazinga!”

5. “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification”
Season 4, Episode 2

When Sheldon works out that he won’t live long enough to download his consciousness into a robot body, he attempts to extend his lifespan by changing his diet and eating cruciferous vegetables. When those only serve to give him gas, he instead decides to build a “Mobile Virtual Presence Device,” which leads to countless funny moments. Case in point? Leonard trying to turn off Sheldon while driving his virtual presence to work and Sheldon trying to figure out how to open his office door, considering his device has no hands. Major bonus: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak appears in one of the show’s best cameos.


September 09, 2016

Why Breaking Bad Is Better Than Game Of Thrones

Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have been 2 of the greatest T.V shows of our time and in leagues of their own. Though they are kind of similar in genre, both being drama, albeit crime and fantasy respectively, I don't think there is any objective benchmark to compare the 2 and proclaim one to be better than the other.

However, as a viewer, I do have my favourites and I would any day pledge my heart to Breaking Bad than Game of Thrones due to the following reasons:

  1. The thrill and adrenaline rush that a person can get from BB is vastly superior to that from GoT if the person is someone who has read the GoT books beforehand and already knows the story. Though there sure is the anticipation of watching it on screen, the effect of being completely hit in the face by something unknown and unexpected is lost in this case. You already know what's going to happen and it is only 'about time'.

    There were episodes in BB which had TOTALLY unexpected twists and blows and left me clutching my heart in the madness. For me personally, the end of S05E13,To'hajiilee was one of such moments. I think I forgot to breathe for some time.
    IMDb has a little something to offer here: IMDb: IMDB's Top Rated Episodes - a list by mi286.

  2. GoT interweaves multiple plotlines with several noble houses, their kings, members, the mythical creatures beyond the wall, the fight for the Iron throne and a multitude of characters from Arya Stark to Tyrion Lannister. The point is, there is AMPLE scope for drama. There are infinite possibilities and theories that can be conceived, for such is the layout of the story. It is not as big a deal that the series is engaging and so endearing.
    But BB has just a single plot. Just a handful of characters that you can count off on your fingertips. And come to think of it, in the beginning, it is just this middle aged, overqualified chemistry teacher who wants to cook meth! It is just the everyday woes of an average man struggling to pay his bills, dealing with a surprise baby and a son who has cerebral palsy. It is just some ordinary man who's bogged down by his responsibilities. Now come on, how interesting CAN he get? But herein, lies the greatness of Vince Gilligan (the creator) and thus of Breaking Bad.
    Gilligan has beautifully turned this insipid, but morally righteous man into a ruthless drug lord (cook, to be more technical)  whose morality just vanishes into thin air by the end of the series. From a meek and gentle human, he becomes this manipulative bastard who could go to any lengths to protect his interests.
    Epicness through simplicity. Period.

  3. The level of intellect or knowledge required to enjoy BB to the last bits is minimal due to the same reason that things are pretty much straightforward with few characters and a single plotline. But in the case of GoT, you NEED to know all the characters, the houses and keep track of all those seemingly small characters who make an appearance here and there for they might weigh in heavily in the future. In short, if you don't know the people, their background, their interests and ambitions or can't place someone, you wouldn't understand a thing and thus not be able to enjoy it. Many a time, some of my friends who hadn't read the books would sit and read the Wikipedia pages for the corresponding episodes they had just finished watching to get the full crux of it. So yes, again, you HAVE to put in some effort to comprehend the whole thing. But with BB, no such difficulty is encountered as you just need to sit back and enjoy.

Credits- Quora

August 21, 2016

Why Dexter Ended The Way It Did

The eighth and final season of Dexter was an abomination marring a once-respectable TV series. With largely piss-poor new characters, killers and plot development, Dexter spiraled downward into a finale that defied not just odds but main character Dexter Morgan’s M.O. in life. But for all the questionable choices found therein, star Michael C. Hall is able to put the finale’s final scenes into a justifiable perspective, at least inside of Dexter’s head if no one else’s.

Hall recently took part in a Reddit AMA in promotion for his lead turn in Broadway’sHedwig and the Angry Inch, and he was of course asked about Dexter’s escape from Miami by faking his own death and eventual life as an Oregon truck-driving lumberjack. Here’s how he explained the serial killer’s mindset.

"Though…given what he’d been through, and his attempts to have his cake and eat it too in regards to indulging his compassion to kill AND have a more authentic life, his self-imposed exile did resonate.

I think Dexter came to believe that…anything he touched would eventually be destroyed and so he felt he needed to let it all go. Of course, Dexter is also a pragmatist and a self-preservationist so he didn’t do himself in. But rather put himself on hold.”

I kind of like that explanation. Like a neat freak gunshot victim who walks to the hospital because he doesn’t want to get blood in the car, Dexter found a way to reach a solution that worked for his more obsessive needs. Even if it spit in the face of years of yammering about his Dark Passenger never leaving him. Looking back, I would have been fine with Dexter just showing up in Paris as a blood splatter specialist name named Drexler. But it’s the life of a burly man for him.

In any case, it’s now time to start some pondering of our own over what Hall saying “put himself on hold” means in terms of seeing the character return in the future.
August 20, 2016

These Clever Pokemon Tricks Won't Get You Banned

Not all Pokemon Go players have the time and resources needed to play Pokemon Go as it should be played – and the game’s bugs and lack of a proper Pokemon tracker don’t make things any easier – so it’s understandable that some players are resorting to cheats. After all, catching them all is so appealing! But Niantic doesn’t like cheaters, and it recently revealed that bans could become permanent when it catches players cheating. That makes using third-party Pokemon Go mapping apps, GPS spoofing and other sophisticated hacks rather risky.

On the other hand, there are still plenty of cheats out there that work and won’t get you banned.

These aren’t necessarily as “dangerous” as faking your location in Pokemon or using a jailbreak iPhone app to pretended that you’re walking the map when in fact you haven’t even left the house. These are tricks that power users have figured out after extensive playing, and “cheats” that work because of the way the game is designed.

If you’re just starting out, then you may want to grab Pikachu as your first Pokemon. Just ignore the first five things that pop up and Pikachu will appear. A similar Easter Egg concerns the evolution of Eevee. Name an Eevee “Rainer” and you’ll evolve it into Vaporeon, “Pyro” becomes Flareon, and “Sparky” becomes Jolteon. It only works once, so choose wisely.

To level up faster, especially when you’re starting out, keep evolving Pokemon to get experience points. Combine evolution with Lucky Eggs and Incense to double your experience points – there’s also one shady trick that lets you extend the duration of some of these perks, but it might be the kind of cheat that’ll get you banned so we won’t explain it here.

One pro tip included in the list concerns Stardust. Definitely don’t use it until you hit level 12 or 15, as you’ll waste it on Pokemon that won’t be useful when your Trainer level increases.

Another thing you should know about is that the gym battles aren’t really balanced. They appear to favor the attacker, and you’ll be able to win each one if you know one important thing: the yellow “flash” that appears on the screen signals an incoming attack from the opponent, which means you can safely dodge and avoid it. Then hit back. Rinse and repeat until you’ve won.


August 13, 2016


With season 6 ending with such a bang, it's only been a few days since we finished watching the electrifying Winds of Winter & we're suffering a severe case of GOT withdrawal. With season 7 trailer just being aired, here are a few speculations that are going viral. 

Jon snow

We all know that Jon snow is not his real name and he is not a stark . There are various theories revolving around that. Is it true that R+L=J? Where R stands for either Rhaeger or for Robert Baratheon. Others believe that Jon is a still secret Targaryen, but that it’s not Rhaegar: it’s Aerys II Targaryen, Rhaegar’s father who’s better known as the Mad King. Or maybe Jon is full-on Stark: a product of incest between Lyanna and Ned. Well, we all have to wait for that truth to be disclosed

Arya Stark

Having Arya miraculously survive the severe stab wounds, murder the Waif, and declare to the Faceless Man she was Arya Stark, not no one, has only kicked speculations into a higher gear. It is being said that the faceless men never intended for Arya to truly become one of them. Instead, their aim was to train her only to get back to Westeros to act as their agent there. Also, that Arya never survived the wounds and waif succeeded in killing her. With Arya killing Frey, who murdered her mother and brother, is she going to kill Cersei next?

Cersei Lannister

With Cersei burning king's landing to the ground and her son Tommen committing suicide, will she finally be the queen sitting on the Iron Throne?. The spoilers are that she is going to make a cruel, chaotic and crazy-as-hell ruler. Forget Aerys II: we reckon Cersei could give the Mad King a run for his money any day. Her chances of being murdered are also very high,rumour has it that it’s going to be through Arya or Jamie.

Mother of Dragons

With Daenerys leaving for Westeros with her dragons, army, and a fleet of ships, speculation says to execute wedding plans would mean death for the mother of dragons. Another popular theory is that she wins the throne and falls in love with Jon snow only to find out later that they are blood-related.

Well, one thing is for sure that season 7, which is expected to release next summer is going to be the most exciting season with soo many mysteries being unlocked.

August 03, 2016

Top 5 Friendship Day Gifts For Those Extra-Special People In Your Life

Friendship isn’t a big thing it’s a million little things. There is no doubt on the fact that friends are the one who make our life more meaningful and beautiful. Whether you need someone to share your sorrow or if you want to make a moment unforgettable, true friends are always there to support you. This friendship’s day honour the bond of your friendship with personalised gifts from Cyankart . Kyunki hare ek friend zaroori hota hai!

1) The Latecomer

We all have that one friend who is late no matter how many times he promises to reach on time. This is for that friend who always say they are on their way when they just got out of bed. If you too are fed up with them it’s high time to gift them a clock which is to be set 15 minutes ahead.

2) The Gadget addict


We all have that one friend who is simply obsessed with their gadgets and can’t stop bragging about it. This is the one who is always on their phones or laptops and are completely anti-social. This friendship’s day support their addiction and gift them laptop sleeves or really cool phone covers.

3) The coffee lover


We all have that one friend who is addicted to coffee and keep talking about how coffee can be beneficial. This is the one for whom coffee is a drug, they always have a coffee mug in their hand and simply can’t stop obsessing over it. Gift them a really cool coffee mug and bring a smile to their face

4) The writer

We all have that one friend who is constantly annoying us with their perfect grammar and punctuation. This is the one who wants to be the next JK Rowling, they will always have a diary and pen with themselves no matter what. This time, gift them a notebook and make their day.

5) The Pokemon Go addict


We all have that one friend who can’t stop talking about how many Pokemon they have and how they caught them. This is the one who forces you to take long walks and drives so they could catch Pokemon on the way. This time, gift them a Pokemon merchandise and go hunting with them.

July 31, 2016

5 Hidden Secrets From The Sets of Big Bang Theory

In 2007, the big bang theory debuted on CBS. But the sitcom didn’t explode in popularity until reruns hit syndication. Since then, its season premieres have consistently ranked near the top of network TV ratings, and reruns dominate the list of most watched cable shows.

But for any shows this huge, there’s bound to be some big bangs behind the scenes too: 

  1. The Pilot Reconceptualization: The show that’s aired for nearly a decade is very different from the original pilot. Jim Parsons as Sheldon was originally a horn dog. His character was changed to someone mystified by romance. Kaley Cuoco’s Penny was also absent. Instead, the attractive neighbor was the unfriendly Katie, played by Amanda Walsh. Johnny Galecki wore suits instead of hoodies. CBS passed but asked creators Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady to rework the show and send another pilot. They did and made it to air in 2007.

  2. The Bernadette Vocalization: Bernadette's mousy, high-pitched voice, and loud moments of screaming rage didn’t come naturally to actress Melissa Rauch. Although she doesn’t sound like Bernadette in real life, she took inspiration from her own mother.

  3. The Paycheck Extortion: In 2014, production of the show’s eighth season was delayed due to contract renegotiations between the cast and warner brothers. Ultimately, CBS renewed the show for an unprecedented keeping it on the air through 2017. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki & Kaley Cuoco each secured a salary of 1 Million $ per episode. Meanwhile, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar re-negotiated their new contracts collectively, ended up with salaries of around 750,000$ per episode. A settlement was reached the day before their old contracts expired, but the duo would have reportedly been written out of the show if they hadn’t accepted the deal.

  4. The Relationship Obfuscation: Kaley Cuoco has often appeared in tabloids due to her brief marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Still, she avoided the spotlight during her previous relationship, even though it was with a noteworthy co-star. Cuoco and johnny dated from 2007 to 09 and kept it a secret not only from the media but from the big bang cast and crew.

  5. The soft kitty misappropriation: Co-creator Bill Prady says he heard Sheldon's special calm down song at his daughter’s preschool. Assuming it was public domain, he added it to the show, where it’s been used multiple times and on big bang merchandise. In 2015, however, the family of a teacher named Edith Newlin sued CBS. Allegedly, the show lifted lyrics from Newlin’s 1937 song “Warm Kitty”. The main difference? The original 1937 lyrics switch the first two lines from the song we know now and love. The whole thing could make for one rich kitty.

Do leave us a comment to let us know what you’ve heard about the cast and crew of the big bang theory.

July 25, 2016

Here's Why You Should Always Carry A Notebook With Yourself

Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Group, is known for his wild lifestyle. Branson may be 64, but you can still find him kite surfing in the Caribbean and developing a commercial space airline called Virgin Galactic.

So when he proclaims a technique to be “one of the most powerful tools” he has in his “bag of business tricks,” as he does in his new book The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership, you’d probably expect something esoteric or complicated.

But, in fact, his secret weapon is carrying an old-fashioned notebook with him everywhere he goes.

It’s a habit he says he developed growing up with dyslexia. If he were to have a chance at remembering anything, he says, he needed to write it down. And as a businessman, it’s what he chooses to write down that’s made his deceptively simple habit so valuable.

He says in his new book that one of his favorite things to do as chairman of Virgin is to be his own customer and take notes from his own observations and questions. For example, when he took a Virgin America flight out of Las Vegas on a hot day, he made note of how both he and other customers had no desire to use the routine hot towel that an employee presented to him. He read his observations to the proper people and got the hot towels for similar flights changed to cold ones.

The handwritten note habit has come in handy in management, negotiation, and even legal situations—he’s submitted his notebooks as evidence in lawsuits. He writes:

“A typical situation would be when someone says, ‘Well, Richard, as I recall when we last spoke in early March, we agreed to get a draft proposal to you by the end of April,’ and they are totally discombobulated by a response of, ‘Well, no, at least not according to my notes of our last conversation. At 3:15 p.m. on 7 February you promised you were going to have the complete business plan to us by 31 March at the latest.’ Nailed!”

Branson particularly prefers putting pen onto paper rather than finger onto keyboard because a sheet of paper doesn’t have tempting distractions to divert his attention in a meeting.

And he also uses notes for his own amusement. When his daughter Holly was little, he would make note of all the funny things she said, like “Daddy, Daddy, I know what sex is! And you and Mummy have done it twice,” he writes.

He says those archived notebooks came in handy on his daughter’s wedding day.


July 17, 2016

5 Reasons Why TomorrowLand Is The Best Festival Of Its Kind

Since its inception, Tomorrowland has been one of the most hotly anticipated events every year, with thousands upon thousands of dance music-enthused festival nuts making the pilgrimage to Belgium for the Mecca of all music festivals. This July marks its 10th birthday and to celebrate this epic milestone of raving culture , here are 10 reasons why it’s the best festival of its kind in the world.

1. Tomorrowland has its own Hymn composed by Hans Zimmer


In 2014, to celebrate the big 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland, Oscar winning film and music composer Hans Zimmer has created the first official hymn for the festival. The festival approached Zimmer to create a hymn which embodies the “mystical, magical” aspects which make Tomorrowland so unique. The result, a spine-tinglingly beautiful hymn, in which Zimmer hopes will “bring different cultures together, and all the things that make us different are actually the things we should be celebrating.”

2. The Main Stage

PC: Gigantstage

It may seem like the most obvious stand-out thing about Tomorrowland, the “Main Stage”, but no one can truly prepare you for the all-over body experience you feel when you see the giant set for the first time. From giant trees, to magical story books, to last year’s man made erupting volcano – again, “a man made erupting volcano” – every year, festival organisers, ID&T, raise the bar with their jaw-dropping stage productions. This year saw the 10-year old festival celebrating its anniversary with the theme, “The Key To Happiness.”

3. Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature

Ever wondered why it is always sunny on the fields of Boom every year? While it was thought to be an urban myth – the idea that Tomorrowland controls the weather, not Mother Nature is very much a reality, and it’s amazing. In 2013, monsoon rain and storms threatened to ruin the 3-day festival for punters, however fortunately the people of Belgium do not settle with the idea of being washed out. Originally designed to prevent crop damage from storms, the festival organisers resurrected “hail cannons” around the festival site, producing loud war-like booms every morning to clear the skies. Only at Tomorrowland….

4. Friendship bracelets!

PC: Twitter

It is a given that you are going to make new best friends at festivals as big as Tomorrowland. In the toilet line, in the mosh-pit or even back at camp, you will find yourself talking to anyone and everyone about your shared passion of music and partying. This year however, Tomorrowland will play host to more than 214 different countries, a higher number than those who were in the London Olympics. What makes its even cooler, is that the festival organiser have developed Facebook wristbands which ensure you never have that “one that got away” experience with any potential friends.

The concept is quite simple – these wristbands not only store all your information for entry for the festival, but they also serve a social purpose by housing your Facebook account details as well. All you have to do, should you meet an awesome new friend at the festival, is push the love heart button on your wristband and a Friend request will be sent. They think of everything!

5. The After-movie

Finally, who could forget.

With more cinematic praise than most Oscar films, the Tomorrowland after movie is the final glorious memory you can take home from the best weekend of your life. The 2012 Tomorrowlandafter-movie has clocked up over 115 million views on YouTube to date, turning the festival experience into one big fairytale. From the panoramic views atop the Ferris Wheel, to the crowd shots, inside the DJ booth and across the camp-site, this token piece of memorabilia is 20-30 minutes jam packed full of enviable moments and a perfectly mixed soundtrack. No we know why people across the globe make this journey to the beautiful fields of Boom every year.


July 17, 2016

Cyankart Phone Case Review | Virtually Akshay

Virtually Akshay decided to review our iPhone 5S Dumbledore Case. Watch the video below!

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